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Assassin's creed valhalla34.7 GB300 LKR
Assassin's Creed Odyssey56.1 GB500 LKR
Assassin's Creed Origins43.3 GB400 LKR
Assassin's Creed - Syndicate - Gold Edition20.1 GB200 LKR
Assassin's Creed Unity39.5 GB400 LKR
Assassin’s Creed Rogue5.51 GB100 LKR
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood7.83 GB100 LKR
Assassin’s Creed Black Flag17.2 GB200 LKR
Assassin’s Creed Revalation 7.88 GB100 LKR
Assassin's Creed 3 - Remastered13.1 GB150 LKR
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: russia2.32 GB100 LKR
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India4.57 GB100 LKR
Age of Empires Definitive Edition980 MB100 LKR
Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition24.8 GB200 LKR
Age of Empires 34.04 GB100 LKR
Age of Empires 4 54.1 GB500 LKR
Alan Wake 2 68 GB500 LKR
Atomic Heart DEV Build42.3 GB400 LKR
Anno 180020.7 GB200 LKR
A Plague Tale Innocence35.1 GB300 LKR
A Plague Tale Requiem 45.9 GB400 LKR
Ark Suvival20.3 GB200 LKR
Arma 3 apex21.3 GB200 LKR
Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown37.2 GB400 LKR
American Truck Simulator 7.46 GB100 LKR
Battlefield 1 Digital Deluxe Edition24.4 GB250 LKR
Battlefield Hardline30.6 GB300 LKR
Battlefield 313.5 GB150 LKR
Battlefield 423.9 GB250 LKR
Battlefield 547.3 GB500 LKR
Battlefield Bad Company 27.15 GB100 LKR
Batman Gotham Knight41 GB400 LKR
Batman Arkham Knight38.3 GB300 LKR
Batman Arkham Origins 3 GB 100 LKR
Batman Arkham City 6.94 GB100 LKR
Borderlands 357.9 GB500 LKR
Command and Conquer Red Alert 32.03GB100 LKR
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty76.4 GB500LKR
Control Ultimate Edition18.1 GB200LKR
Warzone 2 Online Steam Backup72 GB500 LKR
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War83 GB500 LKR
Call of Duty Black Ops20.6 GB200 LKR
Call of Duty Black Ops 215 GB150 LKR
Call of Duty Black Ops 350 GB500 LKR
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare45.1 GB450 LKR
Call of Duty Ghost28.1 GB300 LKR
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare63 GB500 LKR
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare8.39 GB100 LKR
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 213.8 GB150 LKR
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered37.3 GB400 LKR
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 310.4 GB100 LKR
Call of Duty World at War6.97 GB100 LKR
Call of Duty WWII39.3GB400 LKR
Crysis Remastered18.8 GB200 LKR
Crysis6.87 GB100 LKR
Crysis 27.67 GB100 LKR
Crysis 39.95 GB100 LKR
Crysis Warhead7.16 GB100 LKR
Cricket 1938 GB400 LKR
Conflict Global Storm1.79 GB50 LKR
Civilization V6.11 GB100 LKR
Company of Heroes 315 GB150 LKR
Company of Heroes 210.9 GB100 LKR
Car Mechanic Simulator 201811.2 GB100 LKR
Counter-Strike CSGO 2 Steam Backup30 GB300 LKR
Conan Exiles21.6 GB200 LKR
Death Stranding | Director's Cut63.3 GB500 LKR
Dead Island 245.9 GB400 LKR
Days Gone56 GB500 LKR
Don Bradman Cricket 14 9.38 GB100 LKR
Don Bradman Cricket 1718.6 GB200 LKR
Detroit Become Human28.3 GB250 LKR
Doom 430.7 GB300 LKR
Doom Eternal 25.1 GB250LKR
Death Stranding41 GB400 LKR
Deus Ex Mankind Divided46.2 GB400 LKR
Divinity: Original Sin II23.5 GB200 LKR
Dead Space 2 6 GB100 LKR
Dead Space 35.17 GB100 LKR
Dishonored 234.6 GB300 LKR
Dark Souls Remasted6.64 GB100 LKR
Dark Souls II.Scholar.of.the.First.Sin14.3 GB150 LKR
Dark Souls III15.7 GB150 LKR
Dragon Age Inquisition20 GB200 LKR
Dying Light Following12.7 GB150 LKR
Dying Light 272 GB500 LKR
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition8.22 GB100 LKR
Darkside III13.2 GB150 LKR
Dawn of War III18.2 GB200 LKR
Dead Island6.9 GB100 LKR
Dead Rising 452.5 GB 400 LKR
Deadpool3.48 GB100 LKR
Delta Force Collection631 MB100 LKR
Devil May Cry 4 - Special Edition3.50 gb100 LKR
Devil May Cry 522.3 GB200 LKR
Ready or Not49 GB500 LKR
DIRT 34.56 GB100 LKR
DIRT 435.7 GB300 LKR
DIRT Rally21.4 GB200 LKR
DIRT 538.9 GB400 LKR
Elden Ring47.5 GB400 LKR
Euro Truck Simulator 25.32 GB100 LKR
Far Cry 36.31 GB100 LKR
Far Cry 4 35 GB300 LKR
Far Cry Primal14.1 GB150 LKR
Far Cry New Dawn16.4 GB200 LKR
Far Cry 540 GB400 LKR
Far Cry 678 GB500 LKR
Forza Horizon 468.4 GB500 LKR
Forza Horizon 593.1 GB500 LKR
Forza Motorsport 795.4GB500LKR
Formula 1 201734.2 GB300 LKR
Formula 1 202239.4 GB400 LKR
FIFA 1518.6 GB200 LKR
FIFA 1734.1 GB300 LKR
FIFA 1841.8 GB400 LKR
FIFA 1928 GB300 LKR
FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition54.8 GB500 LKR
Final Fantasy XV 53.9 GB500 LKR
Fallout 424.1 GB250 LKR
Forspoken v1.2189.5 GB500 LKR
Football Manager 20161.75 GB100 LKR
Football.Manager 20183.70 GB100 LKR
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut55 GB500 LKR
Ghostrunner 230 GB300 LKR
God of War40.50 GB400 LKR
Gear of war 562.8 GB500 LKR
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas3.37 GB100 LKR
Grand Theft Auto Vice City1.14 GB100 LKR
Grand Theft Auto IV13.3 GB150 LKR
Grand Theft Auto V63.7 GB500 LKR
Greedfall19 GB200LKR
Green Hell4.81 GB100 LKR
Hogwarts Legacy [Deluxe Edition]88 GB500 LKR
High On Life47.2 GB500 LKR
Halo The Master Chief Collection54.6 GB500 LKR
Halo Infinite42.6 GB400 LKR
Hitman Blood Money3.58 GB100 LKR
Hitman Absolution14 GB150 LKR
Hitman 4739.4 GB300 LKR
Hitman 2 Gold Edition35.6 GB350 LKR
Hitman 353.7 GB400 LKR
Homefront 12.58 GB100 LKR
Homefront The Revolution51.8 GB500 LKR
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice9.47 GB100 LKR
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 27.51 GB100 LKR
Honey Select 2 - Libido45 GB500LKR
Horizon.Forbidden.West.Complete.Edition126 GB500 LKR
Horison zero dawn68.7 GB500LKR
Injustice Gods Among19.2 GB200 LKR
Injustice 232.4 GB300 LKR
Immortals of Aveum45 GB500 LKR
Immortals Fenyx Rising15 GB150 LKR
Last Train Home 13 GB150 LKR
Jurassic World Evolution4.74 GB100 LKLR
Jurassic World Evolution 25.84 GB100 LKR
Just Cause 23.92 GB100 LKR
Just Cause 339.3 GB300 LKR
Just Cause 453.8 GB500 LKR
Kena Bridge of Spirits21.7 GB200 LKR
Lords of Fallen7.8 GB100 LKR
L.A. Noire13.6 GB150 LKR
League of Legends12.8 GB100 LKR
Life is Strange - Complete Season 19.90 GB100 LKR
Life is Strange - Complete Season 241.8 GB400 LKR
Life Is Strange: True Colors20.9 GB200 LKR
Monster Hunter World - Iceborne35 GB350 LKR
Microsoft Flight Simulator68.4 GB500 LKR
Marvels Spider-Man Miles Morales40 GB400 LKR
Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered65.3 GB500 LKR
Marvel's Avengers78.3 GB500 LKR
Man Eater17.5 GB200 LKR
Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst19.5 GB200 LKR
Medal of Honor Warfighter15.1 GB150 LKR
Mortal Kombat XL38.8 GB300 LKR
Mortal Kombat 11101 GB500 LKR
Max Payne 326.9 GB250 LKR
Mad Max4.99 GB100 LKR
Mafia - Definitive Edition11 GB100 LKR
Mafia 25.59 GB100 LKR
Mafia 320.2 GB200 LKR
Mass Effect 2 203 GB200 LKR
Mass Effect 315.6 GB200 LKR
Mass Effect Andromeda38.1 GB400 LKR
Max Payne 326.9 GB250 LKR
Medal of Honor Warfighter15.1 GB150 LKR
Metal Gear Solid V - Ground Zeroes 1.81 GB100 LKR
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom22.7 GB200 LKR
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor18.4 GB200 LKR
Middle-earth: Shadow of War96.8 GB500 LKR
Metro 20335.21 GB100 LKR
Metro Exodus41.6 GB400 LKR
Metro Last Light Redux-FLT9.24 GB100 LKR
MotoGP 1942.8 GB300 LKR
MotoGP 23-RUNE20.9 GB200 LKR
Marvel's Avengers33.6 GB300 LKR
Nero10.9 GB100 LKR
Need for Speed Payback21.4 GB200 LKR
Need for Speed Rivals7.87 GB100 LKR
Need for Speed Most Wanted2.83 GB100 LKR
Need for Speed Most Wanted 20122.37 GB100 LKR
Need for Speed Rivals7.84 GB100 LKR
Need for Speed Run14.9 GB150 LKR
Need.For.Speed.Heat30.9 GB300 LKR
No Man's Sky1.74 GB150 LKR
Nioh Complete Edition21.4 GB200 LKR
NBA 2K23116 GB500 LKR
NBA 2K1753 GB500 LKR
Ori and the Blind Forest3.50 GB100 LKR
Outlast3.50 GB100 LKR
Outlast 213 GB150 LKR
Operating Flashpoint4.46 GB100 LKR
Ori and the Blind Forest3.50 GB100 LKR
The Callisto Protocol92 GB500 LKR
play unknown battleground Steam Backup36 GB350 LKR
Prey11.6 GB100 LKR
Pool Nation FX2.56 GB100 LKR
Project Cars 115.5 GB150 LKR
Project Cars 218.2 GB200 LKR
Project Cars 318.9 GB200 LKR
Payday the Heist11.8 GB100 LKR
Payday 21.14 GB50 LKR
Pro Evolution soccer 201910.4 GB100 LKR
Prince.of.Persia.The.Two.Thrones1.19 GB100 LKR
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Remastered2.08 GB100 LKR
Prince Of Persia 2 - Warrior Within3.91 GB100 LKR
Prototype 28.86 GB100 LKR
Quantum Break38.9 GB300 LKR
Robocop Rogue City39.6 GB400 LKR
Remnant II67.3 GB500 LKR
Returnal 53.3 GB500 LKR
Red Dead Redemption 288 GB500 LKR
Remnant From The Ashes21.5 GB200 LKR
RIDE 540.7 GB400 LKR
RIDE 418.2 GB200 LKR
RIDE13.9 GB150 LKR
Rise of the Tomb Raider18.1 GB200 LKR
Rocket League Hot Wheels Triple Threat13.3 GB150 LKR
Ryse Son of Rome25.6 GB250 LKR
Resident Evil 4 (Remake)58 GB500 LKR
Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition8 GB100 LKR
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard20.4 GB200 LKR
Resident Evil 65.18 GB100 LKR
Resident Evil 227.5 GB300 LKR
Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster10.2 GB100 LKR
Resident Evil Village27.9 GB300 LKR
Rage The Scorchers14.5 GB150 LKR
Rage 231.8 GB300 LKR
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II48 GB500 LKR
Sons Of The Forest Early Access9.62 GB100 LKR
Starfield-RUNE92.4 GB500 LKR
Sifu16.5 GB150 LKR
Stray6.61 GB100 LKR
Saints Row Platinum Edition27.6 GB300 LKR
Shadow of the Tomb Raider35.4 GB300 LKR
Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty7.18100 LKR
Starcraft 2: Legacy Of The Void21.5 GB200 LKR
Star Wars Battlefront.II72.8 GB500 LKR
Star Wars Jedi - Fallen Order52.6 GB500 LKR
Splinter Cell - Conviction7.77 GB100 LKR
Splinter Cell - Black List20.7 GB200 LKR
Sniper Elite 39.15 GB100 LKR
Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe Edition48.5 GB500 LKR
Sniper Ghost Warrior 26.74 GB100 LKR
Sniper Ghost Warrior 342.3 GB400 LKR
Sleping Dogs10 GB100 LKR
State of Decay 214.1 GB150 LKR
Steel Division 233.3 GB200 LKR
Styx Shards of Darkness10.3 GB100 LKR
Stronghold 33.51 GB100 LKR
Sunset Overdrive13.11 GB150 LKR
Tekken 878 GB500 LKR
The Last of Us Part I75 GB500 LKR
Titanfall 237.8 GB300 LKR
The Evil Within12.4 GB150 LKR
The Evil Within 224.6 GB250 LKR
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier12.9 GB150 LKR
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands44.7 GB450 LKR
Tom Clancy's Tom clancy rainbow six siege12.6 GB150 LKR
The Sims 3 Complete Collection18.2 GB200 LKR
The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition 31 GB300 LKR
The Surge3.93 GB100 LKR
The Surge 2 14.3 GB150 LKR
The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition13.5 GB100 LKR
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Blood and Wine40.1 GB400 LKR
The Forest2.46 GB100 LKR
The Medium15.1 GB150 LKR
Thief19.5 GB200 LKR
Total War Attila Age Of Charlemagne20.6 GB200 LKR
Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia6.29 GB100 LKR
Total War Attila Age Of Charlemagne14.9 GB150 LKR
Total War Warhammer II26.5 GB250 LKR
Total war rome.ii.rise.of.the17.3 GB200 LKR
Total War Three Kingdoms 20 GB200 LKR
The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim - Legendary Edition9.37 GB100 LKR
The Dark Pictures Man of Medan30 GB300 LKR
Tales Of Berseria13.7 GB150 LKR
The Hunter: Call of the Wild19.3 GB200 LKR
The Outer Worlds25.9 GB200 LKR
Uncharted Legacy of Thieves96.6 gb500 LKR
Vampyr14.1 GB150 LKR
Wolfenstein The Old Blood34.3 GB300 LKR
Wolfenstein The New Order38.1 GB 300 LKR
Wolfenstain Young Blood36 GB300 LKR
Wolfenstein The New Colossus42.4 GB400 LKR
WWE 2K1519.2 GB200 LKR
WWE 2K16 41.9 GB400 LKR
WWE 2K1941.3 GB400 LKR
WWE 2K2045.3 GB400 LKR
WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition 50.4 GB500 LKR
WWE 2K2367.8 GB500 LKR
WWE.2K2484 GB500 LKR
Watch Dogs 113.7 GB150 LKR
Watch Dogs 225.5 GB250 LKR
Watch Dog Ligion97.1 GB500 LKR
WRC 518 GB200 LKR
WRC 8 FIA World Rally19.9 GB200 LKR
WRC 9 12.6 GB150 LKR
WRC 1021.5 GB200 LKR
WRC Generations22.2 GB200 LKR
World War Z15.1 GB150 LKR
Wasteland 310.9 GB100 LKR
Warcraft III Reforged31.2 GB300 LKR
Warhammer 40K Space Marine8.74 GB100 LKR
Warhammer 40K Space Marine9.86 GB100 LKR
Warhammer 40K Space Marine 20.1 GB 200 LKR